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AI Solutions

Our Mission

We develop cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your requirements. We partner up with your team to ideate, conceptualize, build and productionize data science and AI solutions for your business. After deployment, we ensure smooth operation.

Research and Development

We develop custom Machine Learning Models to improve quality of your Products and Services


Large Language Models

Need a custom LLM? We train LLMs from ground up, fine-tune them for customer support, sentiment analysis or convert texts in machine readable data.


Computer Vision

We do the Research to find the optimal Architecture to solve your Computer Vision Problem.

AI Infrastructure

Our Continuous Integration System is designed to streamline and accelerate the process of fast and cost-effective AI development.

Reduce Server Costs

Decrease your Server Costs on average by 20%. No need to spend time installing your dependencies on the server.

Never Forget What You Did

Force Developers to document and push every training done.


Once Pushed to your Git server you can recreate the same AI Model over and over again.

Queue Your Trainings

Working in a Team? No problem. Queue all the trainings and even use the Server overnight.

Be Fast

Utilize a single command to effortlessly queue a job and streamline your workflow.

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