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Product Features

These are just some of the awesome features of our AR glasses!
AR Navigation
Display real-time navigation directions onto any street using Augmented Reality.
Wireless Interaction
Turn on the lights by taping on a virtual button and authenticate with the glasses.
Text Translation
Experience our live text translation that detects any language and translates it to your fitting language.
Accessible Information
Warn about weather events nearby, show cooking recipes or general important information.
Browse Anywhere
Browse the web. A little AR ready web browser equipped with everything needed for current web standards

Performant Lidar Technology

High level technology to assure privacy and a good orientation.

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With our ARM Six-Cores Processor, The Wavelens Smart Glasses will ensure fast responsiveness and quick rendering to deliver the maximum performance that you deserve to experience. The computational power is energized by our used Big Little Architecture.

Manage and Communicate over DimensionGate OS

DimensionGate is our glasses operating system, it includes a custom application launcher and innovative widgets. Access some of your favorite activities such as listening to music, conference with your colleagues or even browse the web no matter where you are.